Creative Signage with Beacon Tech and Wireless Content Uploading

We specialize in wireless. Whether its live streaming or immediate uploads to various outdoor displays, All Visual Display has you covered.

Interactive Signage

Content Creation

Beacon Technology

Wireless Control


Live Streaming

Social Media/Mobil

Digital Advertising

Live Events

Emergency Messaging

Outdoor LED Wireless Monitors

Our outdoor LED wireless monitors will revolutionize the outdoor display makret. Each unit contains beacon technology for interactive communication, and are not impacted by either sun glare or the elements. Content is wirelessly sent and received through an on-board media server. This allows active management of content from any location in real time. Playback of almost any media type is supported seamlessly. The units are capable of up to 4 pip windows to show twitter feeds, HTML/HTML5 pages any social media site..., while still having an active background.

Minimal Setup

The environmental footprint and set up is minimal. No outlet, no problem. We can supply the power. And, anchoring no longer needs large and invasive structures, time or effort (save on labor costs!).

Our attractive wireless indoor models are "iPhone" shaped and also contain beacon technology. These superior indoor units provide all of the same functionality and flexibility as our outdoor models.

Best of all, the cost of these wireless units is a fraction of the price you would pay for outdated and conventional.

Interactive Signage Boards

Paper signs No MORE! Try our interactive signs and get information to your patrons. The 6mm, Small Footprint 10' x 5.5' sign makes a terrific pitch for outdoor Displays and is an easy setup. Mast goes 10' tall.
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